Categorizing all my paintings has been difficult. Some images will be shown in more than one gallery. Several of the images are commissions and the others are done for love. My paintings are printed as a giclee with archival ink on high quality, acid free fine art paper or canvas. They can be stretched or mounted and framed. If you have a favorite framer or printer, I can deliver the digital files or loose prints. Here, I've done my best to divide them into managable sections which are listed below.

peopleTHBPEOPLE: This gallery is perhaps my largest collection as most of my work is commissioned portraits. Some of the group paintings were collaged from source photos taken in different locations. It is divided into three sections: Individuals, Groups and my latest addition, Quick Portraits.

animalsTHBANIMALS: Animals make such good subjects. and are definately family members so there are othe animal portraits amoung the People Groups Gallery. The paintings you will see here or the ones you commission are available as prints with archival inks on canvas or fine art rag paper and the digital file is included for you to use with your own projects.

scenesTHBSCENES: This gallery includes out door scenes from photos taken locally, still life in a series I call Domestic Bliss and Home Portraits. Like many people, I revisited my childhood home and was disappointed by the changes other owners made especially to the landscape. What a legacy for you children to own a painting of your lovely home preserving it for future generations.

thingsTHBTHINGS: This gallery is for Everything Else where there are fantasy or abstracts or just doodles and another series I call Heavy Duty, inspired by the boom in construction here in Edmonton over the last few years.

Featured Items:
Home Portraits


You invest so much of yourself in your home. A painting of your home is invaluable for generations of your family.

Quick Portraits

Gift Cards are now available! See my price sheet on the CONTACT page. Click the picture to find out more:

Quick Portrait done at a live event

Quick Portrait Gallery

These Portraits are economical, distinctive and fun. The painting takes about an hour and with no drying time, this is a unique party option. The Quick Gallery is included with all the People Galleries.

Other Work