ARTshould be personal and meaningful. EdcinART seeks to make affordable fine art to enrich your family heritage. Create heirlooms with paintings of family portraits, home and pet portraits, special moments and favorite things and places. Please view the portfolios shown in this site and think how your home could be enhanced with lovely paintings celebrating who you are and where you come from. Capture the essence of your precious memories for your present enjoyment and leave a valuable heirloom for future generations.

The paintings you will see here or the ones you commission are available as prints with archival inks on canvas or fine art rag paper and the digital file is included for you to use with your own projects.

  • Do you have a photo you wish were larger or simpler or more colourful?
  • Would you like to surprise a special person with an exceptional gift?
  • Are you an art collector but have no paintings of your own life's moments?
  • Do you need a unique portrait of yourself for a gift or maybe your Facebook profile?
  • Why should you have art? If there is a need not listed above, please let me know. I'm confident that with the tools now available to artists, your visions can be realized.
    Please email me:

    < edcinart.cindy@gmail.com >

    Let's discuss it!

Featured Items:
Home Portraits


  You invest so much of yourself in your home. A painting of your home is invaluable for generations of your family.

Quick Portraits

Gift Cards are now available! See my price sheet on the CONTACT page. Find out more:

Quick Portrait done at a live event
Quick Portrait Gallery              These Portraits are economical, distinctive and fun. The painting takes about an hour and with no drying time, this is a unique party option. The Quick Gallery is included with all the People Galleries.

Other Work