About me, Cindy Bennett.
I have seen beauty all my life. I have danced ballet, ridden horses, made elaborate gardens, operated a turret lathe, cooked bread from sour dough, studied karate and flunked judo, worn a corset and danced a minuet, driven a brown UPS truck, used cotton fabric for wallpaper and made sculptures for light switch plates, given birth and been a mom, painted with oils and many water based paint, washed dishes in a mining camp in the Yukon, toured wineries in Australia, read many books, studied anatomy, stood for hours punching a cash register, hitchhiked across Canada, sailed in the ocean beyond the continental shelf . . . Throughout the whole span I have drawn. What a wonderful thing is a life!

EdcinART Company was formed in 1998, to produce digital fine art. The vision is to create art that can be handed down through generations - a valuable family heirloom. Being digital, not only can it hang in a frame and is easily adaptable to note cards and other print projects but is also ready to use on a web page or email.

  While developing my computer skills, I attended weekly drop-in life drawing sessions - the ‘compulsory figures’ for visual artists just as figure 8’s are for skaters.  After a year or so with graphite pencil and paper, I switched to 6 coloured pencils in the basic impressionist palette of warm and cool red, yellow and blue.  Many of these drawings were the basis for early paintings which you can view in the Newds Gallery.

Most of the paintings included in the portfolio galleries here are commissions, printing mostly onto canvas giclee.

I have also made web sites, logos, cartoons and animations.

She is a graduate of the animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and also completed the Acting Program in Canada’s National Theatre School.  She has worked in graphics both for print and television and participated in Nelvana’s pilot, “Rock and Rule”. 



I have drawn since I could hold a pencil and often wished I could lend people my eyes so that they could see the beauty I see.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone could hire an artist to paint their loved ones, special moments and favorite places?

Other Work